Why us?

The BYTE engine, on which this website is built upon, is a service which introduces new concepts to what would be otherwise a simple link shortening service. It gives you more control and has more features than others do, mainly because some functions were introduced here.


Some things are desired but they simply do not exist - whether not invented or implemented, they remain "in the air" until someone puts his time and efforts into it. BYTE is a platform where these ideas are getting their shape before being replicated to other services.
Explore rich features of BYTE and look no further - it can do everything and anything that other services can, but there is always more.


BYTE is not just a service, but also a software behind it. It's open for others to implement their own service, so your company may have it's own replica of this website.


Malicious content is prohibited here, and the rule is enforced. All links are monitored and links that lead to known malicious content, be it spam, porn or viruses, are eliminated. So when you see the link shortened by BYTE, you can be sure it was scanned.
We don't fight adult content, but one of our unique features is that we allow resource owners to protect the link by content notification, password or captcha to provide some filtering and awareness.

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